High-Value Home

High-Value Home

If you own a high-value home, standard homeowner’s insurance may not be your best coverage option. Owners of high-value homes - those residences with a value in excess of roughly $750,000 - require insurance that recognizes their unique coverage needs.

At Eustis, we have specialists who work to provide the exclusive coverage luxury homes demand. We offer our high-value homeowner clients coverages that go beyond standard homeowner insurance.

Our high-value home coverages may include:

  • Property Insurance - Extended dwelling replacement value as well as “all risk” coverage.
  • Contents - Covered at replacement cost.
  • Enhanced coverage – For collectables including art, computers, jewelry, furs, silverware, guns, and more.
  • Loss of Use Coverage - For living expenses if your home is damaged.
  • Personal Liability - Increased limits of liability encompassing umbrella liability protection. In addition, coverage for domestic employees is available as well as coverage for the use of golf carts.
  • Identity Theft Insurance - Many of our insurance companies now include coverage for losses due to identity theft.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Review - To assist our client with multiple residents or exposures, we are licensed in 42 states.

There are limitations on who can qualify for this specialty program. Generally, clients and their homes need to meet the following criteria:

  • Owner-occupied single-family home.
  • No prior bankruptcies, tax, or credit liens.
  • Replacement cost value of the home must be at least $750,000.
  • Above average credit score.
  • No more than two non-weather related claims.
  • Must have multiple lines of business (Home, Auto, Umbrella, etc.).

Contact us today to learn more about our specialty programs specifically for the owners of high-value homes.

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