Are You Ready for a DOL Audit?

Are You Ready for a DOL Audit?

Our Compliance team helps you navigate through the COMPLEX landscape of Healthcare LEGISLATION, REGULATION, and REFORM. 

Take advantage of the necessary compliance tools your smart partners have to offer all in one portal with smart compliance. Manage your Compliance Calendar with Audit Checklists, comprehensive Compliance Guides, Secure Document Storage and Tools & Calculators to track and report on ACA requirements.

  • Customized compliance deadlines within a calendar view
    • Populates with only the most critical Compliance Dates specific to your Health & Welfare Plans
    • Provides access to government documents and templates relevant to your specific requirements
  • Review & evaluate your compliance completeness
    • Comprehensive Compliance Survival Kit with checklists to review upcoming, completed and pending tasks
    • Links to critical government documents
  • MY VAULT-document storage for DOL Audit  ready files
  • Stay current on Health Care Reform with INFORM on REFORM
  • Compliance University
    • Listen to LIVE monthly Webinars with our Health & Welfare Attorneys and Industry Experts
    • Latest Legal Alerts to keep you updated, educated and compliant
    • Smart answers to frequently asked questions
  • Legal Alerts & monthly Webinars with Health & Welfare leading experts
  • Collaborative  expertise through the efforts of smart partners
  • Tools  & Calculators
    • Variable Hour Tracking & Reporting tool delivers updated data to manage status of employees and generate reports for ACA compliance
    • Access to Play or Pay Analyzer,  Cadillac  Tax Calculator, and other tools to help determine and manage your ACA strategy and comply with requirements

Call us today to find out more about our Compliance Audit program at 504.586.0440.

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