Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

New Orleans businesses employ an interesting array of vehicles - from horse-drawn wagons to tour buses. Regardless of how you get your business moving, transportation is critical to its success, and protecting your company’s cars, trucks, or double-decker tour busses should be a top priority.

Our business insurance specialists work with Louisiana enterprises on a case-by-case basis to determine the best solution for each company’s specific business auto insurance needs. Your dedicated agent will guide you through the many options available.

I already have car insurance. Why do I need business auto insurance?

Because personal car insurance excludes coverage of commercial vehicle usage, it’s important to discuss your needs with our agents to prevent being caught in a fender bender without proper insurance coverage.

What can I do to lower the cost of business auto insurance?

To reduce the cost of your business auto insurance, do the following:

  • Invest in anti-theft and safety devices
  • Add items such as alarms, GPS tracking, and airbags lower your premiums.
  • Require seat belt usage will also help reduce your costs.

Choose a higher deductible.

Deductibles represent the portion of risk you are willing to absorb before the insurance company will pay on a claim. The higher the deductible, the lower your premiums will be.

Assess drivers’ records.

By hiring only qualified drivers with safe driving records, you can significantly reduce your premiums.

Consider location.

Your location impacts your business auto insurance premiums. Areas with more crime will naturally result in an increased premium for the theft portion of your insurance coverage. Flooding, population density, and other factors contingent upon the environment may also contribute to higher costs.

Select safe vehicles.

In general, a sportier car will result in a higher premium. By having 5-star safety-rated vehicles, you can significantly reduce your premiums.

Understand federal and state regulations.

Certain types of businesses are subject to federal and state regulations in the operation of their vehicles. In addition, if your company will be using the equipment of third-parties, such as leased or rental equipment, give us a call to discuss. Our business specialists will help you understand those regulations and will ensure you are in compliance.

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