Insurance for Your Business

Insurance for Your Business

New Orleans has experienced an entrepreneurial Renaissance during the past decade, earning top billing on lists that look at American cities with thriving business sectors. However, the Crescent City’s history has always been rich with stories of successful industrial and commercial ventures.

These enterprises run smoothly because, like a fine-tuned machine, time and forethought have gone into their planning. Seasoned professionals consider risks and hazards and establish strategies to work through even unforeseen obstacles, preventing catastrophic failures before they have an opportunity to do the worst.

At Eustis, our business insurance specialists work with New Orleans business owners to design insurance and risk management programs tailored to meet the unique business needs of diverse industries.

Commercial Liability Insurance: the starting point for any New Orleans business insurance program.

Designed to cover any injury caused by you, your company, or your products/services to a third-party, commercial liability insurance is the starting point for any business insurance program. In the event one of your products harms a third-party and a suit for damages is filed, liability insurance provides coverage.

Injuries of a financial nature are also covered by commercial liability insurance. Imagine a scenario in which an IT firm distributes software that is hacked due to poor security. If the firm’s clients suffer financial losses as a result of the product, the firm can be sued. Liability insurance would be the only protection against potential financial disaster.

Some form and amount of liability insurance is required in most areas of the world. However, partnering with a knowledgeable insurance professional committed to understanding the hazards and risks of your particular industry allows you to build a custom program ensuring adequate protection in the event of a suit for damages.

At Eustis, we work with our clients throughout Louisiana to fully understand their businesses and their potential risk exposures. Only then will we make recommendations. Contact us today to begin building a business insurance portfolio that will meet your needs.

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