About Us

About Us

Times may change but values endure.

The world today is vastly different than it was in 1946 when Laurance Eustis founded the insurance agency that continues to bear his name. However, Eustis Insurance & Benefits still thrives throughout Louisiana.

The sturdy cornerstone that upholds our firm is integrity. Mr. Eustis established that cornerstone from the agency’s infancy with his motto:

“Do what you say you’re going to do, do it the right way, and treat clients, employees, and vendors courteously, respectfully, and truthfully.”

Though many years have passed since he coined the phrase, personal attention to the customer remains the top priority of our firm.

That is who we are; it’s in our DNA.

Insurance isn’t a commodity; it’s a promise.

Insurance is a promise we make to our clients. When the worst happens, we will support you, provide guidance, and offer peace of mind and security.

Within 48 hours of Hurricane Katrina’s descent upon New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana, Eustis set up emergency headquarters in Baton Rouge to help customers get their personal and business lives back in order.

Our team of insurance specialists reached out to thousands to answer questions, file claims, and be of help and comfort. In fact, Eustis employees even took claims for customers of competitors, because it was the right thing to do.

Though it was a trying time for everyone, this kind of personal attention and integrity, even in a time of crisis and apprehension, was second nature to our staff.

In the end, valuing people is the central theme of the Eustis story.

Eustis has continued to grow decade after decade, becoming a leading insurance agency in Louisiana.

We don’t gauge our success by those numbers.

Our success is best expressed by the Eustis managers who speak proudly about employees who have spent their entire careers at Eustis. Our industry- low staff turnover rate ensures our clients will receive the best service available.

Our success is revealed in the language our customers use to describe their relationships with Eustis staff. We become more than business consultants; we become trustworthy, reliable friends.

In the end, valuing people is the central theme of the Eustis story. This is Mr. Eustis’ legacy, and it’s one we are passionate about continuing.

This is the Eustis story. We invite you to meet some of our fine people and become part of our story.

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